PQ Symposium Open Call: ‘Technologies’

Subject: PQ Symposium Open Call: ‘Technologies’
Date: 22 February 2024 at 11:16
To: Jerome Maeckelbergh theatermacker@mac.com
PQ Symposium Open Call Technologies

Dear Maaike,
I have a quite late proposal to add at the end of your architecture meeting. It concerns the attached call for symposium proposals, with deadline 20 April 2024. And some announcements around coming activities:

  • May 3: presentation/demonstration of the result of 2 consecutive 5-day workshops “Back to the Future of Heritage Theatre Technology” at DAMU, Prague.
  • July 1-2-3: International conference in Paris and Versailles, “Visual Dramaturgies (1500 -1800)”, which is focused on a public of historians, but where I will have a time slot of 2 hours on 2 July in Versailles to promote the contemporary use of our alternatives for heritage theatre technology, together with DAMU workshop participants.
  • October 16-17: Prague PQ Symposium “Technologies” with a public of contemporary theatre makers. Together with Jan Štěpánek, head of the scenography department, DAMU and theatrEurope are preparing a joint proposal around the renaissance of heritage theatre technology in contemporary theatre architecture and theatrical productions.