「ARTS for the future! 」の第2次募集要項を公開(2021年9月6日~17日受付)




第10回 8月20日(金)15:00~16:30(定員500名)
第11回 8月24日(火)14:00~15:30(定員500名)
第12回 8月27日(金)16:00~17:30(定員500名)
第13回 8月30日(月)17:00~18:30(定員500名)
第14回 9月 2日(木)16:00~17:30(定員500名)
第15回 9月 6日(月)15:30~17:00(定員500名)
第16回 9月 8日(水)14:00~15:30(定員500名)
第17回 9月14日(火)14:00~15:30(定員500名)


【The registration for WSD 2022 will be open on August 5, 2021】& more information.

The registration for WSD 2022 will be open on August 5, 2021. On the launch day, WSD team will hold mini online conference at 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. Calgary time (UTC-6).
The conference will be presented by Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, Storytellers, and Ecoscenographers. Stay tuned with WSD 2022 Official Website for further information.

2021 Virtual Costume Symposium
USITT collaborates with Arts University Bournemouth to hold a virtual costume study symposium. Starting on July 26, the seminars will introduce participants to British costume for theatre and film through the study of historical costume. More info.

2021 Graduate Shows

SBTD has collected the online graduate shows from universities and colleges in UK. If you are interested in how students showcase their works during the pandemic time, don’t miss these online shows. View here to get more information.

HOW WAS IT FOR YOU? Teaching Theatre and Performance Design in a Pandemic
Hosted by Theatre and Performance Design Education Network and Performance Design Educators Collective, the two half-day online symposia will be held from July 21 to 22, 2021, and discuss how theatre educators teaching Theatre and Performance Design during the pandemic. More info.

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