World Stage Design 2022 Online Event × World Theatre Day  2021.3.27.→日本時間3.28(0:00~2:00)

World Stage Design 2022 Online Event × World Theatre Day 

OISTAT is pleased to present “Theatre Design Salon” on 2021 World Theatre Day. Theatre Design Salon invites 3 World Stage Design winners to share their design process and experiences of attending WSD.
Theatre design is key to engaging audiences. Are you curious about how theatre designers transform a concept into reality? What are the challenges they face in design? How do they adapt creativity to overcoming challenges? Join us to explore what goes on inside theatre designers’ brain.
Date: March 27, 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 15:00-17:00 (GMT, UTC+0); View Timetable

GMT, UCT+0 Agenda
15:00-15:20 WSD 2022 visions & how to submit works
15:20-15:40 Rodo Guadarrama (Mexico) |
Gold Medal / Performance Design /WSD 2017 Emerging Designer
15:40-16:00 Tao Chiang (Taiwan) |
Gold Medal /Sound Design /WSD 2017 Professional Designer
16:00-16:20 Agata Skwarczyńska (Poland) |
Gold Medal / Performance Design/ WSD 2017 Professional Designer
16:20-17:00 Panel Discussion and Q&A
Moderator: Ian Garrett (Canada) |
WSD 2022 Advisory Committee – WSD Exhibition Designer

Please fill out the registration form before March 21. (*詳しくは一般社団法人日本舞台美術家協会HP=oistat日本センター会員様)
The confirmation letter with meeting room link will be sent out by March 24.
If you have any questions, please email to

What is World Stage Design?
World Stage Design (WSD) is a quadrennial theatre design exhibition and competition for individual designers. WSD is comprised of 4 distinct components that are presented simultaneously:

  1. International Design Exhibition and Competition
  2. Scenofest
  3. Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC)
  4. Technical Invention Prize (TIP)

OISTAT日本センターNews VoL.20

OISTAT 日本センターより、News Vol.20を発刊しました。(2020年8月)

令和2年度「文化芸術活動の継続支援事業」2021年3月12日 更新情報

更新情報 / (演劇緊急支援PJ)より(3月12日)


内:既申請者の追加18,607件 初回申請者23,456件

A-1 37,487件+13,666件(13,627件)=51,153件
A-2 12,163件+25,669件(7,947件)=37,832件
B     4,131件+2,505件(1,693件)=6,636件
共同   460件+223件(189件)=683件
全体 54,241件+42,063件(23,456件)=96,304件

*申請取り下げ=4,571件(2,736件、12/11 243件、1/29 686件、2/12 267件、2/19 377件、3/5 134件)
*不交付=5,733件(12/11 243件、12/25 117件、1/15 365件、1/29 253件、2/12 737件、2/19 2,226件 3/5 1,798件)

A-1  申請51,153件(採択39,893件78.0%)→ 通知待ち11,260件=22.0%
A-2  申請37,832件(採択34,131件=90.2%)→ 通知待ち3,701件=9.8%
B   申請6,636件(採択5,214件=78.6%)→ 通知待ち1,422件=21.4%
共同  申請683件(採択473件=69.3%)→ 通知待ち210件=30.7%
合計  申請96,304件(採択79,711件=82.8%)
→ 通知待ち(取り下げ4,571件、不交付決定5,733件を除く)6,289件=6.5%

ジャンル別の申請者数と採択率(3月12日情報)申請数は第1期(7/10~9/30)と第2期(11/25~12/11)の申請を足したもので、( )は第2期初回申請者の数です。

音楽 → 41,820件 第1期申請数23,075件 第2期申請数18,745件(9,488件) 採択35,824件 85.7% (12/11不交付決定88件)
演劇 → 18,361件 第1期申請10,206件 第2期申請数8,155件(4,450件) 採択16,574件 90.3% (12/11不交付決定26件)
舞踏 → 6,067件 第1期申請3,363件 第2期申請数2,704件(1,598件 )採択5.196件 85.6% (12/11不交付決定16件)
映画・アニメーション → 4,135件 第1期申請2,377件 第2期申請数1,758件(1,237件) 採択2,945件 71.2% (12/11不交付決定15件)
コンピュータ他の電子機器等芸術 → 3,123件 第1期申請1,990件 第2期申請数1,133件(891件) 採択1,463件 46.8% (12/11不交付決定19件)
伝統芸能 → 1,933件 第1期申請1,111件 第2期申請数822件(434件) 採択1,739件 90.0% (12/11不交付決定5件)
大衆芸能 → 4,256件 第1期申請2,295件 第2期申請数1,961件(1,120件) 採択3,718件 87.4% (12/11不交付決定6件)
美術 → 10,053件 第1期申請5,890件 第2期申請数4,163件(2,546件) 採択7,696件 76.5% (12/11不交付決定28件)
写真 → 2,118件 第1期申請1,262件 第2期申請数856件(583件) 採択1,338件 63.2% (12/11不交付決定20件)
生活文化 → 546件 第1期申請360件 第2期申請数186件(123件) 採択303件 55.5% (12/11不交付決定10件)
国民娯楽 → 975件 第1期申請683件 第2期申請数292件(234件) 採択400件 41.0% (12/11不交付決定0件)
舞台スタッフ → 2,868件 第1期申請1,604件 第2期申請数1,264件(752件) 採択2,514件 87.7% (12/11不交付決定10件)
—————————————–合計  →  96,304件(77,697件)
第1期申請54,241件 第2期申請数42,063件(23,456件) 採択79,711件 (取下げ4,571件、不交付決定5,733件)

*申請・実績報告などの更新情報: 文化庁HP:
コールセンター 0120-620-147【10:30~17:00(土・日・祝日も対応】
【文化芸術活動の継続支援事業 特設サイト】

独立行政法人日本芸術文化振興会 令和2年度「文化芸術活動の継続支援事業」事務局
〒105-8335 東京都港区芝3-23-1 セレスティン芝三井ビルディング13階

SENA 2020/2022 Online Forum, October 9-13, 2020

SENA: Southern European & Northern African / OISTAT Scenography and Theatre Technology Forum, OISTAT major international project. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, SENA 2020 has been postponed to 2022.
Therefore, SENA Team decided to hold SENA 2020/2022 Online Forum to connect theatre faculty through digital platforms.

OISTAT is pleased to present “SENA 2020/2022 Online Forum” on October 9 to 13, 2020. With 20 sessions in 5 days, SENA 2020/2022 Online Forum will bring various aspects of theatre architecture, design, technology, education, and research in Southern European and Northern African.
SENA 2020/2022 forum is free of charge, click to see full program.



Message from the President in Pandemic Times
Dear OISTAT friends,

Just the other day I got reminded by my cell phone to check in for my flight from Houston to Habana.
Attending USITT – where I wanted to get inspired, meet friends from all over and of course do my annual check-up with the board – provided an excellent bonus opportunity to travel on to Cuba, to join the Congress of the Theatres of Latin America (TTLA). Perfect timing.
With just one ‘but’: I was not in Houston when I received my phone alert to check in for my Havana-flight. I was at home, in the Netherlands, in a lockdown situation because of the COVID-19 virus.

I don’t think there is anyone of us who is not affected by the Corona pandemic. The impact is grave.
My deepest respect primarily goes to those who work in healthcare, in whichever way – they are the heroes of our time. The global economy is shaking and all economic activity is in danger, effecting people’s lives in a severe way. With such big issues to deal with, art might seem a superfluous matter. It’s not. On the contrary.

Art is the silent engine that makes the world a better place. It’s proving itself to be true now that the pandemic has confined us to our homes, and we feel the lack of it. Not being able to practice, to create, to interact – whereas that is exactly where we normally all strive at: sharing a live experience. Its importance is all the more clear now that we are lacking it.

I’m impressed by the creativity found on a new stage: the digital one. Initiatives are emerging on the digital platform in order to create bridges in these difficult times. Our sector is proving its resilient status. My respect goes to you all, staying positive although you have to be working in solitude instead of in teams, seeing your opening nights cancelled, audiences absent, work postponed, income evaporated….and still finding ways to share your work and be constructive. All working hard, and setting the example to stay positive: preparing and rehearsing at home, performing on your balcony, give lessons in Zoom or Hangout sessions, in short: being able to stay optimistic and inspiring.  Especially now, we have to show unstoppable belief in the healing force of art, for our soul needs mending and comforting too.
I’m proud of all of you.

Stay safe, stay healthy, be careful out there,

Bert Determann
OISTAT President

OISTAT 日本センターNEWS Vol.18 発行のご案内

OISTAT日本センターNews VoL.18が完成(2019.8.25)しました。

NEWS Vol.18 の内容
2)OISTAT Perfomance Desigh commission Meeting&Election
3)OISTAT Space  Desigh commission Meeting
4)OISTAT Costume Desigh commission Meeting&Election
5)OISTAT Forum:THe Next Fifty Years